Happy Holidays!!!

Hope y'all have a safe and fun one!


T'is sad..., a site where animators used to compete to have the best animation for the 10 second sound clip that was provided by the site in a monthly basis, had apparently shut down forever. I've been wondering why their site's been down for a while now so I finally did a little snooping and found that out. T'is pretty sad really. That site was really helpful. I think there's a bit of hope though. There's some talk that will be picking up where the 10secondclub left off. I hope that goes through.

I shall leave ya now with my cartoon version of Dana DeArmond with some flats. Worrrd...



Y-eah... it's been a while eh? One word: Finals. Yep. I got a TON of work left but hey! At least one's outta the way! yay!

Here's a model of Carl Rudolph Stargher (The Cell) for my Character Modeling class:

I know I know... no ears again. It's not due til Monday though so, we'll see if I can pull off a good ear to put on him by then.


Gorillas RULE!!!

here's my model of Kerchak from Disney's Tarzan...

here i come to save the daaayyyyyy!!!

I bought a new mechanical pencil for me new red lead! I swear, I get so giddy when I get new toys like that. I couldn't wait to use it and well, here was the result:

It's-a me!!! At night!!! Swinging through with Spidey's web while screaming out Mighty Mouse's mantra.

fuckin worrrrd son!