guess what came in the mail today?


i LOVE this series! so much so, that back in 1999, i remember i started copying the drawing style of the characters. it also had the trippiest animations for the transitions and the characters when they morph into whatever they were talking about at the moment (think... the fantasy sequences from Scrubs... but on acid).

unfortunately, like pretty much with all of the other MTV cartoons, it only lasted for 1 season and like another MTV cartoon, Daria (which i believe is the only other cartoon other than Beavis and Butthead, that lasted for more than 1 season), the whole series was never released on DVD due to licensing problems with the music used in the series. then, i found out that series creator, Chris Prynoski, was selling copies of the whole series himself when i came across his blog! BOOYAH! good lookin out Chris!

i just won Rival Schools (PSone) on eBay! DOUBLE FLYING BOOYAH TO YA FACE!!!


Frankie Says Relax

ok, so maybe it's not traditional like what i was aiming for in my New Year's Resolution, but it's still a painting :]

reference pic used. i'm pretty sure we're all familiar with Mr. Karloff's famous pic right?



been cleaning up here at home and i just threw out almost a whole cabinet's worth of old drawings (i'm talking about those big steel ones with 4 drawers!). mostly old hand drawn animation from school. i've forgotten how much drawings there were! i swear, i must've thrown out a whole tree right there. anyway, it reminded me that i haven't really animated traditionally for i think, 2 years now which is a shame. hmm... maybe i should add that to my resolutions.


New Years Resolutions

1. draw more

2. pick up my "real" brushes more often and paint more

3. write more

hmmm... seems doable :]


Happy New Year!!!

may this year be as yummy as this:

mmmm... CHEERS!!!