i passed all my classes!!! oh god, i am soooo relieved! i was stressing out like crazy. Janzen, my teacher for adv lighting class, whom i was sooo sure would fail me because i ran out of time texturing and lighting my other scene properly and rendering both scenes' videos in Final Gather (it basically makes shit look better since it realistically bounces light around. it also takes a looooong rendering time), actually gave me an A! i'm not sure if it was a mistake but whatever, i'll fuckin take it!!! HAAHAHAHAH!

*edit: decided to put up pics of my shizz from Adv Lighting class up even though i'm not exactly that proud of 'em. so yay! you actually get more art from me other than the Potato video below :P

here's a quick and dirty Software Render of my Scene 2 although with some ok textures:

and here's a Final Gather Render of my Scene 1 although with crappy slapped on textures:


ya might be thinkin, "greeeeat. another blog with no fuckin art. lazy piece of shit!" ah! but you would be oh so wrong. kinda. cuz i AM going to show ya some shite but then it's not exactly new. it's about a week old by now. *shrug* just fuckin try and enjoy it will ya? here's the link while youtube is still processing it. when it's done, i'll post the actual video in here.

(you can Right Click and Save if it's loading slow for ya)

i'll be reworking the majority of it to tighten shit up.

paz sneezies!