so i was doing my Christmas shopping...

and guess what i saw at Toys R Us!

needless to say, t'was off the shelf and into me arms in a split second. oh and i paid for it too. HAH!



i just pooped me pants



so i was runnin around school gettin some stuff signed by various departments so i can get out of there finally right? well, what do i see on my computer when i came back to the room i was in? a doodle by some douchebag of me. (this is the censored version. that's actually what gives him away. he's obsessed with drawing a certain male body part)

this made me tingle in all the right places

i just saw this right now (i'm probably late as hell, i usually am when it comes to these things) and it blew my mind! character set-up in Flash is gon' be ohhhh so sweeeeet! IK!!! FINALLY!!! can't wait!!!



Happy Birthday to Ethan Jacob Picar!!!

he's a fatty like me HAAHAHAHAHAH! oh mannn... he's gon' be soooo spoiled! i'mma mold him into the biggest geek evarrr!!!


oh yeah!

since he finally posted 'em, i guess i can show 'em here too.

just some clean-ups i did for Monster P.D. which is a short created by that dude, Puga. i believe he owes me Panda Express too. i still have to finish my zombie self so i can be in the cartoon :]

ok, i really need to go to sleep now.


the end

of Astro Boiiiiiii! (guess whose arm blaster that is)

or is it?

inspired with the Corn One's robot drawings, i went and tackled Astro. i've been meaning to draw him for a while now. just a quickie before i go to sleep. i'm about to have a looooong weekend what with the deadline for our demo reels being pushed up a week early in the last minute. that's some bull.


hot off the presses

just finished rigging King's Vectorman model

he promised me Panda Express if i rig it for him. here's hoping he keeps his word.


i have a problem...

there are just TOOOOOO MANY great artists to watch. all those people on the list to the right plus all of the hundreds i watch in deviantArt, i could easily spend the whole day just going through each and everyone of those people's galleries/blogs (and i probably won't even get to go through 'em all). while it's inspiring, it also means i can't get anything done HAHAAHAHAHAH!!! seriously, just now? i was trying to come up with a splash page for my flatbook but i couldn't come up with anything so as a break and hopefully for some inspiration, i wanted to check out Roc Upchurch's blog cuz i loved his stuff that i saw in deviantArt. after going through all of his posts i wanted to check out the people he watches and the first person on there is Adam Ford. loved his stuff, bookmarked it and then i started going through HIS list. i have now bookmarked pretty much EVERYONE on his list of co-workers and haven't realized that about an hour and a half has passed by HAAHAHAAAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

anyway, i guess what i'm trying to say is... we need more crappy people in here man. gimme a break!

i was just telling my friend Joel how the bane of my existence has always been realistic anatomy. anyway, the amazing Alberto Ruiz made a recent post with links to downloadable books that might help (thanks a bunch for that Alberto!!!). so check it out if ya want. it's the September 27 post so just scroll down a bit.



i was rummaging through some old shit and i found some old drawings circa 1998-2002 i think and here's some of 'em.

i've always liked seeing people's old stuff. shows how much they've changed and grown. almost feels like you went through the journey with them. here's hoping i've grown and will grow some more.

oh yeah, that's me on the little logo back when i used to have spiky hair :B



hope y'all have a fun and safe Halloweeeeeeeen!!!
go scare somebody's pants off!!!

Al Hirschfeld

i could only wish to still be drawing like that when i get old

Mel Blanc


fly boy

another take on the manananggal
(to see my previous one click here)

anyway, traditionally i think manananggal are only females so i drew a male one just to mix it up a bit.





Heroes: The Animated Series

haahahahaah!!! at least this is how i think they should look like if there ever is an animated version of the show. here's the first 3:

Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli and Gabriel "Sylar" Gray



yup yup! my 3rd zbrush model ever is none other than Hellboy:

based off of Cheeks' design and just kind of grew from there. i still need to learn how to make decent eyes *shrug* i'll get back to this piece when i do.



daHippie from the SketchTavern was nice enough to share this site he found with 3D models (no skin just muscles) set on a turntable in Flash. awesome place for reference or just gettin your gesture drawing on.


peep it!


Michael Buble

yup yup! went to see Michael Buble at the Greek Theatre. if you know me, then you'd know that i've always wanted to be a crooner a la Frank Sinatra and i've always dug the cool aura of him and the rest of the Rat Pack. i just love that whole 1930s-1950s era... period. the clothes, the cars, the songs... EVERYTHING!!! anyway, i'm rambling...

well, since i never had the opportunity to ever see Ol' Blue Eyes himself, i sure as hell aren't going to miss his heir apparent.

here's the Greek Theatre at about 7-7:30 :

and here's a panoramic shot (sorta) of it when things started:

sadly, i couldn't take a photo of Buble or the opening act. my cell phone's camera couldn't handle it. they said cameras are prohibited there but fuckin EVERYBODY had one. pfft! that's why i didn't bring mine! lame!!!

note to self: bring camera to the Greek Theatre next time.

meh... i brought my binoculars though so it was all gooooood.

Jann Arden was the opening act. amazing voice. she covered Janice Ian's "At Seventeen" flawlessly. she was also HELLA fuckin funny!!! she mentioned how Buble was sponsored by Ketel One and so she thanked her sponsor... Midol. HAHAHAHAH!!! the thing that i was most interested at though was her drummer's drum. it's not even a drum really. it was just a plywood box but it sounded cooool! i want one!

Buble was AWESOME!!! the dude did an Elvis (my hero)!!! he sang "That's Alright Mama" to prove that he's badass like Elvis cuz he's gettin tired of being labeled as a good guy HAAHAHAHAH! dude's HELLA funny too! he did some skits with the band. there was one where he introduced the band and the band got a louder clap than him so he walked off stage. then one of the trumpet players picked up the mic and started talkin shit about Buble. "he's a diva. and y'know what? he's just lip syncing to those songs!" oooh! he went out to the audience... unsuccessfully BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! while goin to the one side, he picked up and carried this one girl who was holding a glass of beer. it spilled on him. and then when he ran up the stairs he slipped and almost fell. before he can get to the other side the security came and escorted him back to the stage HAAHAHAH! he ended the show with an accapella sans the mic. everybody was soooo quiet while only his voice emanated throughout the theatre. it was amazing.


yummy lighting

at least i think so...

i think there's a bug in Maya which gave me the hardest time to create my own E-Light like in 3Ds Max. the lights kept on focusing at just one point. weird. anyway, i got it working now. then added some 3 point lighting on top of that. yellow orange-ish for the key, bluish for the fill and white for the back.


i'm having too much fun with this

watch out! i'm a craaaaazy lookin skull!!! HAAHAHAHA!!!

but hey look! i figured out a better way of making teeth!!!

yup yup!


skully done

well, as done as it will be anyway


zbrush model!!!

whooo hooo!!! this is fun!
i'mma take this further in a bit...

time to get some lunch first haahahah!

my first

Zbrush sculpture... ever :B

he actually looks human... ish! haahahaha!!!
i think i'm gon' love teh Zbrrrrush...


can't sleep...

so i posed the 2 rigs i have so far (finding problems in the process and fixing 'em)

yeah... i STILL have 2 rigs so far. craaaaap...
i'm thinking of making my own generic rig now. one that which i could just add quick minor changes to its facial features like nose, ear and hair and such (a la Hogan rig or that Pixar rig) to make it look like a different character.
and i'mma just scrap that Gorilla piece that i had in mind (that or put it off til next quarter).


it's funny. i'm way behind but i'm not stressing out.
well, not yet anyway.



done re-rigging Alex Valdes' soldier model in Maya (he rigged it in 3DS Max)

now i can finally animate. pffft! i'm so behind.



felt like drawin some cloth and... that came out




a character from a story that went nowhere... at least for now
(i was bored so i dropped him on some paper texture i found)

a caricature of one of my teachers


the end...

is here.
(oh and that's my myspace in the background if you were wondering)

Borders was hella packed!!! 400+ deep of smelly and sticky kids and kids at heart.

they had a place where they could play quidditch:

unfortunately, i forgot my camera in the car and when i came back, they were gone. across from there (where you see lots of people) were cotton candies and a place where you can make your own wands and such.

ooh and Dumbledore made an appearance. the only dude worth taking a photo of in there. kids jaws dropped and fanboys/fangirls squealed with glee when they walked up the stairs and saw him right in front of them. i didn't ask him to pose for me cuz... i found him creepy.

other than him, there was a mini-Harry Potter (he was in that crowd to the right of Dumbledore where they were giving away prizes to people who answer Potter trivia correctly), a fat Snape, a couple of Dementors and a super stinky Sorting Hat. jeez that dude stank!!!

and that was pretty much it!


songs about jane


what's this? an update?! no way!!!

let's start off with this:

my take on devoshun

i reckon i did ok.

and here's a preview of one of the skits that'll be in my animation demo reel:

y-eah... lighting's not finalized yet. it should be far more dramatic when i'm done with it.

and while we're on animation, Victor Navone, a Pixar animator, has done one of the clearest tutorials i have ever read on Spline Editors. it's called Splinophilia (it's a 2 parter). go check it out when ya can and learn something.

and to end this entry, how about a barrage of animations from none other than the amazing folks at Gobelins eh? yup! they just released the latest student works for the Annecy festival. check 'em out here.


The Black Destroyer!!!


haahahah! somebody (i have a feeling i know who) posted on my last entry asking for "something new" so there ya go! that's just the title card for the short me and Da King is working on for our Astronomy class. it is going to kick soooooo much ass. that is, if i get off my lazy ass and actually do some work HAH!


how about something a little different eh?

or at least something that i haven't done since high school:

i reckon it came out pretty swell but yeah... there's your reason why i stuck with drawing characters instead of letters haaahahah! that M is really buggin me. i'mma fix it later when i color it.


(by the way, King's going to kill me when he sees this. i did that instead of the work we're supposed to be doing for our astronomy class HAAHAHAHAHAH!!! SORRY DUDE!)


boredom = this

meet my transgendered lappytop:

and the babies together:



for my Mexican brethren...



one rig down!!!

so this is what's been keeping me busy lately:

he's DJ Jones. one of the characters i made for my demo reel. i'm gon' make 3-4 rigs in all. i'm pretty proud of him. fastest rig i've ever done. he doesn't have blendshapes for his head yet though.

here are some close ups:


you talkin to me?

oh and i also made this coupla days ago:

it's that little doggie thing that eats up everything in FLCL. nothin special. just did it for fun. came out pretty decent methinks. i'mma rig 'im one day.


coolest... duck... ever...

Gizmo Duck!!!
don't front like you didn't want your own Gizmo Duck
or even better, BE Gizmo Duck



this is Pudge
he's pudgy
he's based off-a me

and this is me in astronomy class
i swear that teacher isn't speaking in english
more like icky formulas and numbers


hail to the king


i just meant to sketch a bust of Ash but then i started doodling his body while bored in class. then after that, i thought why not take it all the way? so i cleaned it up and colored it in Flash. worrrd.