Michael Buble

yup yup! went to see Michael Buble at the Greek Theatre. if you know me, then you'd know that i've always wanted to be a crooner a la Frank Sinatra and i've always dug the cool aura of him and the rest of the Rat Pack. i just love that whole 1930s-1950s era... period. the clothes, the cars, the songs... EVERYTHING!!! anyway, i'm rambling...

well, since i never had the opportunity to ever see Ol' Blue Eyes himself, i sure as hell aren't going to miss his heir apparent.

here's the Greek Theatre at about 7-7:30 :

and here's a panoramic shot (sorta) of it when things started:

sadly, i couldn't take a photo of Buble or the opening act. my cell phone's camera couldn't handle it. they said cameras are prohibited there but fuckin EVERYBODY had one. pfft! that's why i didn't bring mine! lame!!!

note to self: bring camera to the Greek Theatre next time.

meh... i brought my binoculars though so it was all gooooood.

Jann Arden was the opening act. amazing voice. she covered Janice Ian's "At Seventeen" flawlessly. she was also HELLA fuckin funny!!! she mentioned how Buble was sponsored by Ketel One and so she thanked her sponsor... Midol. HAHAHAHAH!!! the thing that i was most interested at though was her drummer's drum. it's not even a drum really. it was just a plywood box but it sounded cooool! i want one!

Buble was AWESOME!!! the dude did an Elvis (my hero)!!! he sang "That's Alright Mama" to prove that he's badass like Elvis cuz he's gettin tired of being labeled as a good guy HAAHAHAHAH! dude's HELLA funny too! he did some skits with the band. there was one where he introduced the band and the band got a louder clap than him so he walked off stage. then one of the trumpet players picked up the mic and started talkin shit about Buble. "he's a diva. and y'know what? he's just lip syncing to those songs!" oooh! he went out to the audience... unsuccessfully BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! while goin to the one side, he picked up and carried this one girl who was holding a glass of beer. it spilled on him. and then when he ran up the stairs he slipped and almost fell. before he can get to the other side the security came and escorted him back to the stage HAAHAHAH! he ended the show with an accapella sans the mic. everybody was soooo quiet while only his voice emanated throughout the theatre. it was amazing.