goodbye 2008!

i could go on and ramble about how shitty this past year has been but really, i think i could sum it all up with just 3 words:

good fuckin riddance!

i hope a much better year for each and everyone in the world.

as for resolutions, i think i actually did pretty good in keeping mine this past year. just looking at my number of posts, i've more than doubled my post from last year. more posts = i drew more. BOOYAH! oh and i actually do play around with real media as much as i can. it's just a bit of a drag scanning shit. *shrug* so, for this new year, i think i'll just keep that going and i'd like to try to read more. i don't know. being finally out of school and not having any homework, i just feel like i'm becoming dumber by the day HAAHAHAH! s'all!




Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!