got annoyed tryin to figure out Hornet's stupid coat so i drew the lady from 30 Days of Night. referenced a screenshot i got off the internetz. s'all...



before i begin, lookit what i found!
it's ME HAAHAHA!!! obviously inspired by my geeky weekend, the stylish Mr. Martinez drew me! thanks dude!!!

ok moving on! fasting you say? yup!!! i decided earlier this week that i'm not going to depend on any program for drawing or coloring and see what happens. *gasp* maybe now i can finally use the watercolor set i bought a while back which has been just sitting on my table collectin dust :B i even bought me a pack of colored Sharpies! cuz the colored Prisma set's too rich for my blood. i only use the cool grey Prismas.

and here's my sketches for the day:

teh Green Hornet! i've been meaning to draw him. saw a pretty decent Green Hornet in WWLA which made me even more inspired to. really need to tweak with his mask more i think. he keeps on lookin like Green Lantern to me (maybe that's actually inevitable). oh and the brim of his hat was giving me the most trouble! wtf? i can't draw a fuckin brim?!! hahaha! oh and yeah i need to fix his wonky left arm. maybe even move his right arm. i dunno. we'll see...

Kato comin' soon!


Wizard World LA 2008

my first con! i was so excited! i didn't know what to expect but when i got there and saw Vader and his Storm Troopers watching over the line, i knew everything was gon' be alright HAAHAHAH!

when they finally let us in, i immediately saw Seth Green and his crew! so weird since i was just watching him on tv the day before (they had an Austin Powers marathon). dude's shorter than me :B anyway, i couldn't take a pic because they were rushing off to prepare for their panel i think. plus there were some fangirls chasing them trying to steal a shot so i was like eh, screw it... i saw him. that's cool enough.

i immediately made a bee line to the Artist Alley to see who was there. i saw Beee! HAAHAH! i said what's up and grinned like an idiot. i didn't tell him who i was though then i just slowly slipped away! BAAHAAHAH!!! John Upchurch was sitting next to him but he was drawing so i didn't bother him (plus i was shy :B this is really going to be the pattern for the rest of the day). oh, i also saw Beee's friend, Sherilyn, chillin on her corner. Cheeks wasn't there yet. meeting him and coppin his book was really the only plan that i had going in. so, i started walking around and checked out the rest of the place.

i went to the signing booths they had at the front and saw Lou Ferrigno!

man! that dude is STILL Hulked out!!! quite a scary presence especially when he stood up. he was all smiles though so it was cool.

then on the next aisle were Mick Foley:

and Rob Van Dam:

both favorites of mine back when i still watched wrestling. i don't remember what they were there for though. promoting each of their books i think.

i didn't really bother looking through much of the toys or comic books they had there. i would just be tempted to buy something and i didn't really bring that much money with me (a lesson learned).

went back to the Artist Alley. it was slowly filling up. i wasn't really familiar with most of 'em but Cheeks was finally there! he had a bit of a line and was doing a sketch of Beast Boy for a lady that bought his book. i just stood there and again... grinned like an idiot as a i watched him draw. there were more people after her so i thought i'd just come back later and slipped away. so, i started walking around again just looking at random people in costumes. most weren't that great but then there were these two:

oohhhhh yeah!!! (cue Imperial March)

oh and i also saw this little guy roamin around:

anyway, i started getting this wicked headache so i went and chilled at the Gaming Area they had next to the Artist Alley and munched on me snacks. after a few minutes, i decided to check out the cars they had there. one of which was this Camaro:

it has Stan Lee's signature on it's hood. maybe it's his ride haahahah! i dunno. anyway, it was the best one they had in my opinion. they had other ones like a Punisher SUV and Ironman SUV but they were just meh. oooh! then out of nowhere, these guys and a gal in full Gears of War Delta Squad costume came and started taking pictures with the cars!

(that's the Punisher SUV in the back) BAAAADASSSSS! easily the best costumes i saw in the whole place!

decided to check up on Cheeks again and saw that there was only 1 guy in line so i waited my turn and again... just grinned like an idiot while i watched him draw Hellboy and some random cowboy for the dude. then it was finally my turn!!! WOOOOOOT!!! he asked me who i wanted for the sketch and i, of course, said teh Batman (surprise!):

siiiiiickness to teh max!!!! seriously, my jaw was only the floor!!! i was in too much awe to say much to the guy. after that, i asked him if i could take a pic and he was gracious enough to let me:

i thanked him and i walked away grinning from ear to ear even as i chilled at the Gaming Area as i waited for his sketch to dry out and as i leafed through his book. seriously, it was game over after that man. i was seriously about to go home. plus my headache wasn't helping much at all.

then they announced on the PA that the costume contest was about to start. thought it could be fun so i checked it out. they had the worst Venom on there and a pretty decent Optimus Prime and then there were these two:

the most awesomest Mario Bros. evarrr!!! they had the personality down pat! everybody dug them. it came between them and Optimus (you can see a bit of him on the left) but they've already won the crowd so they won the whole thing. i just HAD to take a pic of 'em after the contest:

we's-a the winnarrrs!!!

i also caught this pretty cool Harley in the crowd (she was also in the contest):

then there was this Wolverine just chillin there watching the whole thing:

then i walked back toward the Gaming Area again to sit down for a minute but i saw people taking pictures of someone at the Signing Booth right next to the Gaming Area so i went and checked it out. Lo and behold, it was none other than Summer "River Tam" Glau!!! <3<3<3>

sorry, i don't watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles HAAHAH!

anyway, instead of sitting down, i decided to check out the Artist Alley for a third and final time. in one booth, i saw this guy drawing and his style and signature seemed so familiar but i couldn't remember his name on DA for the life of me. so i just stood there and again... grinned like an idiot as i watched him draw Batman. he said what's up and pointed to his book and told me to have a look if i wanted to which i grinned and said no thanks and just kept watching him draw. so then he said something like "you just gon' watch me draw?" at some point and i just chuckled and said yeah then he picked up his drawing and showed it to me HAAHAHAH! when i got home i immediately went to DA to look for him in my watch list. it was none other than Ruben Martinez! haahaha! sorry man, if you ever read this! i know it said your name right on the table but i'm bad with names when it comes to DA folks. i'm more familiar with RM73 :B

next to Ruben, i saw Matthew Humphreys. as the pattern goes, i grinned as i watched him draw a caricature of this little girl that was there. on the next aisle, i came across Dustin Nguyen's booth! i admire and envy this dude! he gets to work on Batman!!! *sigh* maybe someday. anyway, i again... grinned like an idiot as i watched him draw Hellboy for some guy. i just HAD to cop his sketchbook which he signed for me. WOOOOT!!! then i looked over the table next to him and i saw Christina Strain! i didn't want to bother any of 'em for a picture. anyway, that Artist Alley was inspiring to say the least. i really need to stop fuckin around and step it up. i'd like to be in that spot among them one of these days.

on my way out, i passed by the Golden Apple comics booth and saw none other than the legend himself, J. Scott Campbell:


i saw that he was selling sketchbooks but i didn't have enough money left :( so i thought to myself that i'mma go to an ATM in a bit and come back.

as i was chillin there, watching him draw, i overheard that Milo "Peter Petrelli" Ventimiglia and Alyssa Milano were coming down there on the other side of the Golden Apple booth to sign autographs. yummy Alyssa Milano?!! pssh! i'll stay ferrr that!

while waiting there, Paul Dini literally passed right in front of me! all i could think of was "holy shit! that's Paul Dini!!!" while watching him pass by with my jaw on the floor. that was craaaazy!!! i wish i took a pic.

after more than half an hour of waiting, there she was! the Milano passed right in front of me! <3<3<3

i elbowed my way in, got my shots and got the hell out of there. those crazy rabid bastards there were suffocating me.

i walked out of the spot and went towards the ATM. as i got there, there was this crazy loooooong line! i was like, fuck it. sorry Mr. Campbell. maybe next time! as i was walking away from there, there he was again! Paul Dini passed right in front of me again! and all i did was just stare... again!!! although to be fair, it looked like he was looking for the bathroom :B so i didn't want to bother him.

that's it really! i went home with Cheeks' book, Dustin's sketchbook, a lot of pics and a HUGE fuckin headache. FUN!!!


carrot top -colored-

was trynna go ferrr that pop art shizz



Betty or Veronica?

i never knew Dan DeCarlo's name until recently but i've always been familiar with his work (or at least, the style he defined) ever since i was a kid. i remember liking the little Archie Digests because it had more pages/stories than the regular comic books. what can i say? i read fast. i gobbled that shit up. anyway, i found some old issues that i have that i've completely forgotten about stashed in the garage somewhere and i started reading through 'em again. as i was flipping through, i was reminded of how much i loved his style, especially how he drew the girls (y'know... except Ethel hahaha!). so much so, that i'm almost 100% positive that, along with the Riverdale gang, he's part of the reason why i dig 30s-50s Americana so much AND the old cheesecake/pin-ups.

i've been learning little things like that about myself these past few months. another tidbit: as i was watching the Little Mermaid when i first got the DVD, i realized that she's probably the reason why red is one of my favorite colors. to describe Ariel as bewitching (especially her hair *sigh*) would be an understatement. i've always been aware that it's Batman and Darth Vader's fault why my other favorite color is black. i put that together early on maybe because it's easier since they ARE pretty much all black.

s'all... :]

this was actually brought to my attention a while back (i think somebody posted it at the Tavern) but i never wrote about it. anyway, that new style they got goin for Sabrina (seriously... wtf is goin on with Sabrina's left leg? not to mention all of the other things that are wrong with the picture) and Betty and Veronica (ok... maybe it's not as bad as Sabrina but wtf is with this Barbie shit? at least it could've been worse *cough*Bratz*cough*) isn't working for me . they stray away too much from the iconic look that Dan defined which i think was perfect for that universe. i dunno, maybe i'm just biased but that whole thing reminds me of when they redesigned Bazooka Joe (really? ripped pants? ZOMG! he's so cool!!!). i'm all for redesigns but one can make it their own and STILL retain the soul of the material at the same time which is what i always strive for.

crap. this was supposed to be a happy/nostalgic post. it's become another rant so i'll just stop right there.



so , i was munchin on some cereal while checkin
messages and check out what i saw on DA!

and check out what's on his favs at this moment!
(insert squealing and giggling like a little girl here)

on anuva note: guess who Cheeks found lurkin around in DA? oh just some furkin guy named J. Scott Campbell!!!


day 29

better late than never *shrugs*
it's done by my hand so it counts. at least it does at the tavern.t'was me neph Jacob's baptism. he's on his way to epic geekdom :]