before i begin, lookit what i found!
it's ME HAAHAHA!!! obviously inspired by my geeky weekend, the stylish Mr. Martinez drew me! thanks dude!!!

ok moving on! fasting you say? yup!!! i decided earlier this week that i'm not going to depend on any program for drawing or coloring and see what happens. *gasp* maybe now i can finally use the watercolor set i bought a while back which has been just sitting on my table collectin dust :B i even bought me a pack of colored Sharpies! cuz the colored Prisma set's too rich for my blood. i only use the cool grey Prismas.

and here's my sketches for the day:

teh Green Hornet! i've been meaning to draw him. saw a pretty decent Green Hornet in WWLA which made me even more inspired to. really need to tweak with his mask more i think. he keeps on lookin like Green Lantern to me (maybe that's actually inevitable). oh and the brim of his hat was giving me the most trouble! wtf? i can't draw a fuckin brim?!! hahaha! oh and yeah i need to fix his wonky left arm. maybe even move his right arm. i dunno. we'll see...

Kato comin' soon!