shuffle truffle

so, i haven't really modeled for a while and i haven't textured anything for an even longer while. got inspired by recent artists i found on dA like David Giraud and this 3D club i just joined. as a practice, and my entry for this week's speed model, i decided to model my beloved shuffle (and yes, i prefer this model than that stupid new one. such a perfect design. i don't know why they even changed it). took me about 30 minutes or so. a bit rusty. texturing it even took longer than that.

i also ordered Scott Spencer's Zbrush book so i can reacquaint myself with the program and hopefully get better at it. so yeah, i'm sort of in a 3D kick as of late. s'all...



apparently, i'm not the only one who believes that there's no such thing as talent. Mark Brooks just posted a rant on dA about it that can be seen here. i've always believed that anybody can do what i do (although, that's not really saying much) that whenever somebody calls me talented, i just brush it off and try to tell them that i've just had more practice than them. that's all there is to it.

and just so this post isn't all serious (i rarely am), here's some fun stuff:

Death Star over San Francisco
(the Imperial Shuttle landing needs work but the rest is amazing)

Cheeks and folks doing karaoke



look at his weird proportions!!! dude's not human. i'm sorry. PLUS, NBC making him out as the greatest Olympian ever, doesn't necessarily make it so. now, greatest Olympic swimmer... maybe.

The Dark Knight has shot down Star Wars for the number 2 spot :]


random neat things from the internetz

Schweppes Ad:

Tatsunoku vs Capcom:

Silent Shadow of the Bat-Man:

Bernard Derriman's "Spider Monkey":

Watchmen Comic-Con Posters!!!

The Dark Knight has surpassed Spiderman :B