done re-rigging Alex Valdes' soldier model in Maya (he rigged it in 3DS Max)

now i can finally animate. pffft! i'm so behind.



felt like drawin some cloth and... that came out




a character from a story that went nowhere... at least for now
(i was bored so i dropped him on some paper texture i found)

a caricature of one of my teachers


the end...

is here.
(oh and that's my myspace in the background if you were wondering)

Borders was hella packed!!! 400+ deep of smelly and sticky kids and kids at heart.

they had a place where they could play quidditch:

unfortunately, i forgot my camera in the car and when i came back, they were gone. across from there (where you see lots of people) were cotton candies and a place where you can make your own wands and such.

ooh and Dumbledore made an appearance. the only dude worth taking a photo of in there. kids jaws dropped and fanboys/fangirls squealed with glee when they walked up the stairs and saw him right in front of them. i didn't ask him to pose for me cuz... i found him creepy.

other than him, there was a mini-Harry Potter (he was in that crowd to the right of Dumbledore where they were giving away prizes to people who answer Potter trivia correctly), a fat Snape, a couple of Dementors and a super stinky Sorting Hat. jeez that dude stank!!!

and that was pretty much it!