one rig down!!!

so this is what's been keeping me busy lately:

he's DJ Jones. one of the characters i made for my demo reel. i'm gon' make 3-4 rigs in all. i'm pretty proud of him. fastest rig i've ever done. he doesn't have blendshapes for his head yet though.

here are some close ups:


you talkin to me?

oh and i also made this coupla days ago:

it's that little doggie thing that eats up everything in FLCL. nothin special. just did it for fun. came out pretty decent methinks. i'mma rig 'im one day.


coolest... duck... ever...

Gizmo Duck!!!
don't front like you didn't want your own Gizmo Duck
or even better, BE Gizmo Duck



this is Pudge
he's pudgy
he's based off-a me

and this is me in astronomy class
i swear that teacher isn't speaking in english
more like icky formulas and numbers


hail to the king


i just meant to sketch a bust of Ash but then i started doodling his body while bored in class. then after that, i thought why not take it all the way? so i cleaned it up and colored it in Flash. worrrd.


oodly boogly

doodles i did while i was bored in astronomy class

i'm posting this cuz somebody told me to post more drawings instead of just blabbing