is gettin big!!! :B

3 month ol' chinky mu'fucka showin off his dimples

5 months wif a gangsta lean

what's sad is i've yet to draw him :( i kind of suck at drawing little kids. they always come out older looking.


chola -sketch-

i picked up my wacom again :B


holy shit!

The Cell has always been one of my favorite movies. possibly the most visually striking movie i've ever seen. it's also one of the creepiest. Stargher is up there with Lecter in my world. anyway, i just found out that the director, Tarsem Singh, has made another movie which will finally be released in the US after 2 years of being shown around festivals. it's called The Fall and judging from the pics and the trailer, it aims to be as beautiful as The Cell. it may even surpass it. i can't wait! :B


Iron Man = LAAAAAME!!!

but that'd be a lie...

saw it Arclight. they had the suit there and a Hulk statue:

pics are crap cuz i used my phone.

i'm surprised he didn't say, "I'm muthafuckin Nick Fury is who I am!"

oh and i picked up this book while i was there called Picture Show. it's basically a collection of old school movie posters. the bulk of which are from the 30s to 50s with a little bit of 20s, 60s and 70s. awesome stuff if you're into that kinda shizz.



just some sketches while waitin for the laundry. s'all...

by the way, have i mentioned this pen that i absolutely love? it's a fancy one. it's French. it's called Le Bic. they have this model that comes wit 4 different colored inks (green, red, black and blue). all in just one pen!!! awesome...