Happy Holidays!!!

Hope y'all have a safe and fun one!


T'is sad..., a site where animators used to compete to have the best animation for the 10 second sound clip that was provided by the site in a monthly basis, had apparently shut down forever. I've been wondering why their site's been down for a while now so I finally did a little snooping and found that out. T'is pretty sad really. That site was really helpful. I think there's a bit of hope though. There's some talk that will be picking up where the 10secondclub left off. I hope that goes through.

I shall leave ya now with my cartoon version of Dana DeArmond with some flats. Worrrd...



Y-eah... it's been a while eh? One word: Finals. Yep. I got a TON of work left but hey! At least one's outta the way! yay!

Here's a model of Carl Rudolph Stargher (The Cell) for my Character Modeling class:

I know I know... no ears again. It's not due til Monday though so, we'll see if I can pull off a good ear to put on him by then.


Gorillas RULE!!!

here's my model of Kerchak from Disney's Tarzan...

here i come to save the daaayyyyyy!!!

I bought a new mechanical pencil for me new red lead! I swear, I get so giddy when I get new toys like that. I couldn't wait to use it and well, here was the result:

It's-a me!!! At night!!! Swinging through with Spidey's web while screaming out Mighty Mouse's mantra.

fuckin worrrrd son!


turkey lurkey!!!

Now go forth and get fat!!!


Mean Muggin


Well, kinda. HAHAHAHAHA! The ears were just too hard to do. *shrug* I'm still very satisfied with it though. I think I'm getting the hang of this modeling thing :]

puzzle head

I've always been pretty crappy at organic modeling. I think I'm purty good at hard surface modeling but organic modeling has always been a bitch. It's just hard to get those nice soft organic curves with polygons. This way of modeling with NURBS works wonders!!! I mean look at what I did!!! It's not done yet but it's pretty decent right? And that's from someone who used to shy away from modeling anything organic!!!

Yes. I am proud of it.


It's officially an Art Blog...

Who gets the honor of being my first piece up in here?

Jack muthafuckin Black!!!

Yup! It's official. This is finally an Art Blog.