Happy Birthday to Ethan Jacob Picar!!!

he's a fatty like me HAAHAHAHAHAH! oh mannn... he's gon' be soooo spoiled! i'mma mold him into the biggest geek evarrr!!!


oh yeah!

since he finally posted 'em, i guess i can show 'em here too.

just some clean-ups i did for Monster P.D. which is a short created by that dude, Puga. i believe he owes me Panda Express too. i still have to finish my zombie self so i can be in the cartoon :]

ok, i really need to go to sleep now.


the end

of Astro Boiiiiiii! (guess whose arm blaster that is)

or is it?

inspired with the Corn One's robot drawings, i went and tackled Astro. i've been meaning to draw him for a while now. just a quickie before i go to sleep. i'm about to have a looooong weekend what with the deadline for our demo reels being pushed up a week early in the last minute. that's some bull.


hot off the presses

just finished rigging King's Vectorman model

he promised me Panda Express if i rig it for him. here's hoping he keeps his word.


i have a problem...

there are just TOOOOOO MANY great artists to watch. all those people on the list to the right plus all of the hundreds i watch in deviantArt, i could easily spend the whole day just going through each and everyone of those people's galleries/blogs (and i probably won't even get to go through 'em all). while it's inspiring, it also means i can't get anything done HAHAAHAHAHAH!!! seriously, just now? i was trying to come up with a splash page for my flatbook but i couldn't come up with anything so as a break and hopefully for some inspiration, i wanted to check out Roc Upchurch's blog cuz i loved his stuff that i saw in deviantArt. after going through all of his posts i wanted to check out the people he watches and the first person on there is Adam Ford. loved his stuff, bookmarked it and then i started going through HIS list. i have now bookmarked pretty much EVERYONE on his list of co-workers and haven't realized that about an hour and a half has passed by HAAHAHAAAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

anyway, i guess what i'm trying to say is... we need more crappy people in here man. gimme a break!

i was just telling my friend Joel how the bane of my existence has always been realistic anatomy. anyway, the amazing Alberto Ruiz made a recent post with links to downloadable books that might help (thanks a bunch for that Alberto!!!). so check it out if ya want. it's the September 27 post so just scroll down a bit.



i was rummaging through some old shit and i found some old drawings circa 1998-2002 i think and here's some of 'em.

i've always liked seeing people's old stuff. shows how much they've changed and grown. almost feels like you went through the journey with them. here's hoping i've grown and will grow some more.

oh yeah, that's me on the little logo back when i used to have spiky hair :B