i have a problem...

there are just TOOOOOO MANY great artists to watch. all those people on the list to the right plus all of the hundreds i watch in deviantArt, i could easily spend the whole day just going through each and everyone of those people's galleries/blogs (and i probably won't even get to go through 'em all). while it's inspiring, it also means i can't get anything done HAHAAHAHAHAH!!! seriously, just now? i was trying to come up with a splash page for my flatbook but i couldn't come up with anything so as a break and hopefully for some inspiration, i wanted to check out Roc Upchurch's blog cuz i loved his stuff that i saw in deviantArt. after going through all of his posts i wanted to check out the people he watches and the first person on there is Adam Ford. loved his stuff, bookmarked it and then i started going through HIS list. i have now bookmarked pretty much EVERYONE on his list of co-workers and haven't realized that about an hour and a half has passed by HAAHAHAAAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

anyway, i guess what i'm trying to say is... we need more crappy people in here man. gimme a break!

i was just telling my friend Joel how the bane of my existence has always been realistic anatomy. anyway, the amazing Alberto Ruiz made a recent post with links to downloadable books that might help (thanks a bunch for that Alberto!!!). so check it out if ya want. it's the September 27 post so just scroll down a bit.