Betty or Veronica?

i never knew Dan DeCarlo's name until recently but i've always been familiar with his work (or at least, the style he defined) ever since i was a kid. i remember liking the little Archie Digests because it had more pages/stories than the regular comic books. what can i say? i read fast. i gobbled that shit up. anyway, i found some old issues that i have that i've completely forgotten about stashed in the garage somewhere and i started reading through 'em again. as i was flipping through, i was reminded of how much i loved his style, especially how he drew the girls (y'know... except Ethel hahaha!). so much so, that i'm almost 100% positive that, along with the Riverdale gang, he's part of the reason why i dig 30s-50s Americana so much AND the old cheesecake/pin-ups.

i've been learning little things like that about myself these past few months. another tidbit: as i was watching the Little Mermaid when i first got the DVD, i realized that she's probably the reason why red is one of my favorite colors. to describe Ariel as bewitching (especially her hair *sigh*) would be an understatement. i've always been aware that it's Batman and Darth Vader's fault why my other favorite color is black. i put that together early on maybe because it's easier since they ARE pretty much all black.

s'all... :]

this was actually brought to my attention a while back (i think somebody posted it at the Tavern) but i never wrote about it. anyway, that new style they got goin for Sabrina (seriously... wtf is goin on with Sabrina's left leg? not to mention all of the other things that are wrong with the picture) and Betty and Veronica (ok... maybe it's not as bad as Sabrina but wtf is with this Barbie shit? at least it could've been worse *cough*Bratz*cough*) isn't working for me . they stray away too much from the iconic look that Dan defined which i think was perfect for that universe. i dunno, maybe i'm just biased but that whole thing reminds me of when they redesigned Bazooka Joe (really? ripped pants? ZOMG! he's so cool!!!). i'm all for redesigns but one can make it their own and STILL retain the soul of the material at the same time which is what i always strive for.

crap. this was supposed to be a happy/nostalgic post. it's become another rant so i'll just stop right there.