songs about jane


what's this? an update?! no way!!!

let's start off with this:

my take on devoshun

i reckon i did ok.

and here's a preview of one of the skits that'll be in my animation demo reel:

y-eah... lighting's not finalized yet. it should be far more dramatic when i'm done with it.

and while we're on animation, Victor Navone, a Pixar animator, has done one of the clearest tutorials i have ever read on Spline Editors. it's called Splinophilia (it's a 2 parter). go check it out when ya can and learn something.

and to end this entry, how about a barrage of animations from none other than the amazing folks at Gobelins eh? yup! they just released the latest student works for the Annecy festival. check 'em out here.