*breathes deeply*

Mmmm... you're the same smoggy monkey I've come to know and love and hate HAHAHAHAHA Anyway, since the ranchera blasting from my neighbors aren't going to stop anytime soon, I think I'm going to be awake for a while. By the way, I noticed that all the shows that were on the Discovery Channel, Nat. Geographic channel and the History channel were, oddly, a bit of a downer. It was freakin New Year's Eve and they all had shows about the armageddon, vampires, ghosts, satanism and the like. I thought that was a bit too dark for such a, supposedly, joyous day. I don't remember them doing that last year. Could it be a hint of our future? Hmmm...

That's all I think. Well, I can't really think right now especially since I can fuckin feel the bass of the music from next door bumping in my chest. I'm off to go have some more tea so, much joy to all of ya this year and take great care of each other.