i n s o m n i a

me: hey doc, yeah, i'm having trouble sleeping man. my mind won't stop racing dude!
doc: let's get some blood tests and EKG a'ight?
me: cool

nurse came and took EKG
anuva nurse came and took blood

me: so uhh... how long ya think til ya get the results?
nurse: about an hour son. just hold on tight a'ight?

3 fuckin hours later, i waddled myself to the nurse station

me: hey man! y'know if my blood test results are in yet?! it's been 3 fuckin hours!
nurse: uhh... i'll let your nurse know that you came looking for it ok?
me: pffft!

45 fuckin minutes later

doc: yeah, so everything came out fine. you seem to have insomnia.
me: so... ya got pills for me or what?
doc: i could give ya sumfin to pop but i don't necessarily recommend it. the risk of dependency and side effects aren't really worth it. y'know, what you could do for me though? regular sleep and exercise... you fat fuck. try to walk for an hour or sumfin when you get home.
me: today?
doc: yeah!
me: foo, i'm fuckin tired. i haven't slept a wink! i don't have any energy. pffft! latez!!!