here's me "looking" for him:

i'm not too keen on the comics but i've never seen anyone give him a more bat-like look to his mask other than just making his horns more like bat ears. so i had this idea of giving his mask fangs which was inspired by those Japanese Oni masks. i mean if he's really going for theatricality and fear, why not make himself look really scary?

did this for Kizer's Draw Your Favorite Character's Dome thing that can be found here. yup yup! who else did ya expect i was gon' draw?

i forgot to put why i picked him. as my friend Ella put it, "i've been a fan since Burton's Batman. Timm's series sealed the deal." growing up in the Philippines where superstitious belief is still quite rampant, i've always been fascinated with the dark creatures (ghosts, demons, vampires, etc.) that populated the local legends. so i think it was very natural for me to cling on to Batman when Burton's movie came out. vampires being a favorite of mine, i've always fancied Batman as this vampire kicking criminal butt. i didn't start to appreciate Bruce Wayne until i grew older.

oh and lookie at my current desktop:

can ya tell i'm excited?